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Michael Arnephie is a prolific local artistic talent who is able to blend and morph his art into contemporary media, translating the aesthetic visions of his mind’s eye into modern day cutting edge graphics digital illustrations.

Born in 1968, Michael hails from Anse Boileau Seychelles where he spent most of his childhood, soaking in the images of life and times of the Wild West coast of Mahe. He attended the district school at junior level, moving on to Seychelles College and eventually the Seychelles Polytechnic in 1986 to study fine art. His keen early interest in photography and art translated into a body of work which today transcends and creates a genus of virtuosity fusion art.


He boasts a realist style, where marine art, sea life and local still life dominate. He is influenced by Marianne North, the prolific English Victorian naturalist / botanist artist who brought countless Seychelles sceneries to life. 

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