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Zsaklin Miklós was born in Hungary and spent her formative years in Budapest, responding to the specific visual character of that city by initially exploring abstraction through the deployment of vivid colours, creating compositions which were both informed and intuitive. During this period she created geometrical abstract paintings using oil, acrylic and, more often, watercolour or gouache paints, where she began each work with no preconceived vision of the painting's final state. She developed her compositions spontaneously. Zsaklin’s influences consolidated around artists who principally explored form and feeling. Zsaklin has been influenced by minimalism, colour field painting and abstract expressionism, specifically the work of Elaine de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko and Joann Gedney. She also referenced an appreciation of post-painterly abstraction and hard-edge painting in her earlier work, where geometrical and abstract perceptions and the subtle deployment of colour coexist, the work of Maria Helena, Vieira da Silva, Clyfford Still and Sonia Delaunay being particularly significant.

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